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           CELEBRATING 20 YEARS 


Here at Shop2drop we are celebrating 20 Years of sharing our Fabulous Fashion Shows with you…

The experience we can offer you 1st Class

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How we work

We at the fashion show will present a fabulous night of fashion and entertainment for you .  All that is required by you the promoter is a ground floor venue to seat a min of 80 ladies.  All tickets and posters are sent to you free a of charge there is no set ticket price but we do strongly advise you sell your tickets between £7  and £10.A glass of fizz with the latter price works a treat !

All shows take place Monday to Sunday, start times vary from 6.30pm to 7.30pm or at Weekends  any time e.g. 1pm, 2pm, 4pm or evening. (please allow access to venue 90 min’s before start time).  All shows vary, so depending on the amount of ladies and size of the venue, shows will finish no later than 11pm. (including us finishing, packing and leaving the venue].  Payment by cash, credit/debit cards accepted, cheques only accepted if card machines have no signal). All credit/debit cards accepted.

Our shows are for ladies only, min age 16.  Size available 8-20.  We ask that all tickets are PRE SOLD, and monies received before the event.  All purchases and exchanges are made on the evening of the show.  You receive all ticket sale money plus £50 worth of raffle vouchers on the night, subject to attendance of 80 ladies.  All shows subject to £100 Booking fee this is refunded  subject to 80 ladies attending the show.

We have included a letter format which you may find useful for planning your show click here to download.

Please take a look at some of the wonderful feedback we’ve had back from our current promoters click here.



Ideal Venues

Ideal Venues for shows


If a venue of your choice is not listed please call us to find out if it is suitable.

During the night of your Fashion Show & Sale please feel free to serve refreshments, anything to help you raise more funds, all refreshments can be sold throughout the evening.

Brand availability may vary per show.

Click here to view our recommended Room Layouts.